We believe that true rest is found only as we find ourselves trusting in the rest God provides through Jesus Christ.  It is a rest from attempting to find our approval and identity in things other than God Himself.  God sent Jesus into the world, not to condemn the world, but to rescue it from such false attempts.  Our worship, teaching, and relationships are all designed to communicate that message of true rest.   


We need community.  God created community as a place where we grow to trust Him in loving others.  When we find our ultimate rest in the full satisfaction we have before God through Christ's work on our behalf, then we have a new confidence to move into relationship with others.  Even difficult relationships become relationships where grace, forgiveness, and mercy can be evident because we are no longer finding our identity in the relationship but in Christ.  


Rest and restoration lead to pursuing renewal.  We believe that the good news of Jesus is so good that those changed by God's grace can't contain it in themselves.  Nor are they meant to.  We are a church that wants to serve Travelers Rest, our great State of South Carolina, and the whole world with the message that God has given us about His plan of renewing all things.