Our Goal

Our goal at Overflow is to help middle and high school youth in their 100-mile-an-hour lives learn how to stop the spin, run back to God, find forgiveness and hope, and move back out ready to love and serve others. 

What is Overflow?

Overflow is a rhythm: As God pours his love into our hearts, we find the refreshment our soul craves. A refreshed soul moves back out into everyday relationships ready to restore what is broken — to love instead of hate, to give instead of take, to serve instead of demand. A group of people continually having their hearts refreshed and relationships restored becomes a force in their community. As Jesus himself so profoundly said, “He who’s been forgiven much, loves much.” Rest. Restore. Renew. That is the Overflow of the Christian life we long to promote here among Redeemer’s youth. 

Three Connections

Resting, restoring and renewing is a rhythm that must be cultivated. We work Overflow into everyday life by promoting the following connections:

Truth + Life

What is the difference between understanding the truth of God's love for me in Jesus and standing under those truths in a way that overwhelms and impacts my life? 

Parents + Children

How does my identity as God's dearly loved child in Jesus define and shape the relationships in my home? How does God's love motivate and empower me to restore those relationships? 

Individual + Community

How does my identity as God's dearly loved child in Jesus call and empower me to live as light in a dark world? What does it look like to love others the way I've been loved by God?


Jason Cole

Director of Youth Ministry


Jason served for more than 10 years in Youth, Worship and Counseling ministries before becoming Director of Youth at Redeemer. Jason is passionate about seeing the reality of God’s love for us in Christ become the central, driving force of our lives. 

Jason studied Speech Communications, Drama, and Music at Bryan College and received a MA in Dramatic Production from Bob Jones University. He brings these skills to youth ministry in both setting and substance. He is also an employee of Apple, husband of Lauren, and a father of Bella, Roman and Gia. You can contact Jason by email here


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