Sunday School


Redeemer's Children's Ministry happens on Sundays. Trained volunteers are available to care for and teach your children during the Adult Sunday School hour. 


Newborn thru K2

9 AM drop off at Nursery

5-minute K2 Teaching Time

Play Time

9:45 AM pick up from Nursery

Children K3 thru K5

9 AM drop off at Classroom 

20-minute Teaching Time

25-Minutes Small Group Craft Lesson

9:45 AM pick up from Classroom

Children 1st thru 5th Grade  

9 AM drop off at Classroom

20-minute New City Catechism teaching

25-minute Journaling + Small Group Work involving Current Events and Lesson Application

9:45 AM pick up from Classroom


Please contact if you are new to Redeemer and interested in serving in the children's ministry.


What Do We Teach Children?


Our Children's Ministry curriculum teaches the Bible as a story. On any given Sunday, children of all ages will learn the same Bible story. This makes it easier for families to talk about what they are learning. Each age group, however, engages the story in a way that is best suited to their age group. We are big fans of the The Gospel Project and use it to guide our teaching of the Bible. The video below gives a quick preview of what we teach children here at Redeemer:



Our Child Care Team

We love the children in our community and take their well-being seriously. 

Our volunteers are trained in abuse prevention and volunteers must submit to background checks. 


 If you have a child who may be ready to begin the process of becoming a communing member of Redeemer, we have a parent-led study booklet that can help you work through questions with your child to prepare them to meet with our elders for membership.